Kingwood Inn - Doesn't pay vendors

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On January 11, 2012, Mary at Kingwood Inn ordered $238.58 of supplies from my company. Despite repeated calls and emails they have refused to pay their invoice. The order was for 20 polyester bone colored shower curtains. Our warehouse promptly sent the order out - I believe the next day - but we never heard from Kingwood Inn again.

Beware of this hotel. I will no longer do business with them because I assume they are having financial problems. They don't pay their bills and who knows what they do to their guests.

Joe McDonald

Adirondack Towels and Scrubs

Milton, VT

Review about: Hotel Supplies.



Still have not received payment or any communications with Kingwood Inn.

Kingwood Inn booking agent Genares

Atlanta, Georgia 0 comments
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Kingwood Inn in Gatlinburg, TN uses a reservation service through Genares.When I went to Kingwood Inn's website to reserve a room, I reserved a room at a higher rate for specific amenities (kitchenette with "fully equipped kitchen".

When I arrived at Kingwood, not only did they not provide the amenities that I paid the higher rate for, they also did not refund the amount stating that their reservation website made the error and charged me their regular room rate.

I will not stay at Kingwood Inn again.They do not honor the reservation booking agent provided on their own website.

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